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    Commercial Junk Removal Services in Arizona

    Office Junk Removal

    Here at The Clean Up Crew Appliance and Junk Removal, we really enjoy working office junk removal jobs. We set up a custom game plan based off the job at hand to make sure we remove the rubbish from your office in the most efficient way as possible.

    Commercial Junk Removal - Printer and Computer Disposal Motherboard

    Printer and Computer Disposal

    Similar to the description in our Electronics Disposal Page, one of our goals is to recycle as many items as possible. Serving the Phoenix Area and East Valley, The Clean Up Crew Appliance and Junk Removal can dispose of your companies commercial electronics (whether broken or working). We can also provide same day service depending on the circumstance.

    Commercial Junk Removal - Happy Construction Worker - Construction Debris Removal

     Construction Waste Disposal

    Both renovation debris and construction debris can be recycled depending on the products. Some of this construction waste can be broken down and made into reusable materials. If the waste that we pick up is in good condition then we would be able to donate it for reuse. We are taking advantage of this knowledge and recycling these products whenever we can!

     Other Residential Junk removal services that we offer:

    Appliance Removal

    Furniture Removal

    Electronics Disposal

    Mattress Removal

    Yard Waste Removal and Hot Tub Removal

    Renovation Cleaning and Construction Clean Up

    Real Estate Cleanout Services