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Red Chair In The Middle Of The Street - Furniture RemovalRaise your hand if you’ve had to move a full size couch through multiple doors and a small hallway to get it out of a house (Disclaimer: we advise you not to raise your hand if you’re currently in a public place as others may be kind of confused). For the most part, we’ve all had to deal with the issue of transporting furniture at one point in our lives. It can sometimes be quite difficult to maneuver some of these items through small areas of the house. Rest assured, we can help avoid this issue completely. We provide a specialized furniture removal service to protect both our workers and your property from damage. If you’d like to get rid of that extra, old sofa give our Phoenix junk removal service a call! You can also click here or the “Get Your Free Estimate” Button to fill out our online estimate form.

Here is some of the furniture we remove:

Couches or Sofas
Tables (Coffee, Side, Dining Room, Work, Office)
Chairs (Rocking, Dining Room, Office Chairs, Stools)
Work Benches & Equipment
Entertainment Centers and Cabinets

A Recycling Friendly Furniture Disposal Service

The Clean Up Crew Appliance and Junk Removal Logo One thing that we like to make a point of is recycling and reusing the furniture that we receive. We enjoy being able to pick up junk that we know will be reusable. Even though that old couch has no use for some, it may have a lot of use for many others. In most cases, when we come and remove your old furniture; you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that it will be put to good use by someone who’s in need of it. We work with places like Goodwill and Salvation Army when recycling items.
Similar to appliance removal.

Our furniture removal consists of two different categories:

1) One item furniture pick up
2) Multiple item furniture pick up

Let us deal with the stress of getting rid of your old furniture. After all, it is our job! Once you give us a call we will ask you a few questions to get more information about the job. Once enough information is received, we will present you with a friendly estimate based off of what we think it will cost. Two professionally trained employees will then get to the property at the established scheduled time to give you a free, no obligation quote after the rubbish is inspected.

Other Residential Junk removal services that we offer:

Appliance Removal

Electronics Disposal

Mattress Removal

Yard Waste Removal and Hot Tub Removal

Renovation Cleaning and Construction Clean Up

Commercial Junk Removal

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