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Technology is something that is constantly changing at a rapid pace. This means your TVs, printers, and other miscellaneous electronics can tend to go out of date quite quickly. We also know that our current world is very fast paced and can be more difficult to do certain things such as dispose of your extra waste. The Clean Up Crew picks up and recycles all types of junk ranging from DVD players to x-ray machines (yes I did just say x-ray machines).

Electronics Disposal MotherboardWe recycle electronics in Arizona for the greater good of our environment.

Here’s why its a good Idea to call us for all of your Electronics Disposal/ Recycling needs:

1) It prevents chemicals/heavy metals from being released into our environment
2) It preserves our precious earth materials such as aluminum, copper, and gold

We recycle as many of these electronic items that we possibly can and are proud to do it. Click here if you would like a free estimate on our electronics disposal and junk hauling services.

Electronics Disposal

Desktop, Laptops, Monitors​
Fax Machines
DVD Players
Gaming Systems
And Much More!

How our pricing works

Other companies may give you a flat-rate quote via phone/email but that quote often increases once they arrive onsite. At The Clean Up Crew, we believe in providing transparent pricing. That’s why we provide price range estimates and promise to stay within that price range—no matter what.

Minimum pricing: $125 (1/8 truck load)

Prices above are examples only. The cost of your project may vary depending on the weight of items, location of items, whether breakdown or clean up is required, etc. For a more specific estimate, call us or send us pictures of your junk via email or text.

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