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Real Estate Cleanout Services

Take a look at some of our other Real Estate Junk Removal Services that we offer.

Home Kitchen Picture - Foreclosure Cleanout / Rental Property CleanoutForeclosure Cleanout

Similar to our commercial, construction, and office removal; our foreclosure cleanout service is highly organized to best attack your trash that needs to be removed. If you’re on a deadline don’t worry, just let us know when you need it done and we will be able to get it done.

Rental Property Cleanout

Another niche involved in our real estate cleanout services are rental property clean ups. Did your prior tenant leave a hot mess in the middle of the summer and it’s going to be way too difficult to clean up everything all by yourself? We understand that tenants can sometimes be unpredictable and leave you in quite the sticky situation. Because of this, we offer our rental property clean up with open arms. Give us a call today or click here to get an estimate!

Apartment Complex Picture - Apartment CleanoutApartment Cleanout

We work with apartment complex’s to assist them for a variety of different reasons. If your tenants left some items by your dumpster that are larger in size and more difficult to remove, we got you covered. If you need a company to assist any of your tenants with their junk removal needs, we can help you out. Or maybe you replace your A/C units every 5 years? The 3 steps of our apartment cleanout program consist of:

1) sitting down with you or the apartment manager

2) setting up a game plan based off of the junk removal services the apartment complex needs, and

3) executing those plans by the established deadline.

Organized Garage Picture - Garage Sale Cleanout ServiceGarage Sale Cleanout

Sometimes we have a garage sale and can’t sell everything. This usually results in having to find a way to get rid of the extra stuff. The Clean Up Crew offers a great garage sale and estate cleanout service for when you are wanting to get rid of those extra garage sale items. We are also a company that cleans out homes if you need more than just your garage cleaned. Whatever the junk removal task is, we got you covered.