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Yard Waste Removal Service in Arizona

Front Yard Picture - Yard Waste Removal

Did you just do your routine seasonal yard work and are now trying to figure out what to do with all of the waste? Need not worry as The Clean Up Crew can come and save you! We remove all sorts of yard debris and have resources in which we recycle a large majority of the waste we receive. This yard debris can be used to make compost depending on what materials they are. This compost or broken down natural land material can be reused as soil for growing new plants and crops. So if you have any yard waste, you can call the right place.

Some of the yard debris services include:

Tree Waste Removal
Leaf Removal
Landscaping Debris
Rock Disposal
Grass Clippings Disposal
And Much More!

Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal PictureWe offer both a professional and competitively priced hot tub removal. Sit back and relax while we pick up and dispose of your hot tub in the proper manner. We are also able to recycle hot tubs depending on what is needed for the disposal and it’s condition.

Other Residential Junk removal services that we offer:

Appliance Removal

Furniture Removal

Electronics Disposal

Mattress Removal

Renovation Cleaning and Construction Clean Up

Commercial Junk Removal

Real Estate Cleanout Services