The Office Characters Dancing - Junk Removal

There are many obstacles to creating a productive work environment, with one of the biggest obstacles being space!  Due to office clutter, employees can feel stifled at work.  Over the years, catalogs, paper and even equipment can easily pile up.  While you don’t notice the gradual compilation of “garbage”, your employees and coworkers might.  Additionally, it presents an unprofessional image and can be a turn off to new customers.  We have compiled 3 great ways to reduce office clutter that are easier than you think!

Filing Cabinet PictureFiling Cabinets 

Chances are, your office has at least 2 unused filing cabinets that are big, noticeable and probably not very nice to look at.  As the modern workspace ushered in the computer age, the need for outdated filing systems just isn’t there.  While some people are re purposing or upcycling their cabinets, most are too clunky to deal with and just need to go.  Chances are that cabinet has been sitting there from the 80’s and is not helping your professional appearance.  Call your local junk removal company to pick up that old filing cabinet ASAP!



Paper Waste

Unless you like climbing, having a mountain of paper in the office is no fun. Take the time to organize a workflow of the regular documents you work with.  Once you have that system in place, then consider decreasing the amount of paper that comes into your office.  This website has great resources for helping cut down on the amount of paper you use daily.  Additionally, consider switching to paperless billing and eliminating the printed junk mail your business receives.  Stop The Junkmail is a great tool for eliminating junk mail received.

Outdated Machines & Cords

Computers and office machinery has a use life of about 3-5 years on average.  When the phones, fax machines, computers, monitors, etc. start to pile up space conservation becomes a must. Making sure these items are properly disposed of prevents chemicals and heavy metals from being released into our environment Outdated Electronic Cordsthat could be harmful.  Call your local junk removal company for help picking up old equipment.

Boxes of cords are also a space-waster in a lot of offices.  If you have a box of old computer cables and cords lying around – chances are you’ll never need them, or spend the time organizing what you do need.  If you have the time to sort out old cords, use this website to help you distinguish what is useful and what is not.  Or you can just call your local junk removal company (like us!) and they will be happy to pick them up with any outdated machinery.

Keeping a clean and professional image is important to creating a healthy work environment and successful business.  Call The Clean Up Crew today to discuss any of your office clutter and junk removal needs!