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WHAT TO DO , Recycling Guidelines:

  • Realize that recycling actually means that these items you put in your recycling can will be re-used if you recycle properly!!!
  • You can recycle items such as : cardboard, plastic items, paper products, old electronics, old tires (Call us if you need help removing) , and many other things laying around your home !
  • Wet or heavily dirty cardboard (such as pizza boxes) cannot be recycled, which will create issues in the processing plant
  • Car Batteries and light bulbs too!
  • Surprising: Glass is actually a recyclable as well! Many people do not know this. However, if the glass is too large for you to carry give us a ring!
  • Aluminum cans and foil can be recycled, just make sure to clean them out well so they can properly be processed
  • Metal products can be recycled, just use caution when handling these items


Why should I recycle?  Benefits?

Junk Removal Monkey Picture

  • Each year enough plastic is thrown away to circle the entire planet!!! 4 TIMES!!! This needs to be fixed
  • Recycling reduces Greenhouse gases greatly
  • Recycling preserves monkeys (shown above) and helps preserves rainforests !
  • IF you recycle, less organic materials are needed such as trees, more recycled products can be used instead !
  • 2.7 Billion tons of aluminum are thrown away each year and only half of that is being recycled

Guy Crying Because of no Recycling


  • Recycling clutter around your house can possibly reduce your stress levels. 
  • Recycling is beneficial to not only you, but helps others!
  • It really isn’t that hard to do, let’s get it started! 

Hopefully this info and tips help everyone understand the importance of recycling! If you need any assistance recycling junk removal products or large items give us a call! (480)-454-5585


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