Have you ever wondered how to reduce your extra junk buildup?


An extreme yet increasingly popular solution is to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Being a minimalist is starting to come about as the new “thing” in our current world. Here are a couple of fads in this new minimalist wave too reduce unwanted items and the build up of “junk” in your home.


A smaller home could mean less junk.Extra Junk

One example of this is the obsession with tiny houses. There are now many TV shows about it and tiny homes are popping up all over the place.

There are even a couple of tiny-home subdivisions in Colorado!



Extra JunkBus/van conversions

If you haven’t already heard of them, bus conversions are basically bus homes. This fad has come about trough blogs and videos on social media. These vloggers buy old buses and turn them into sustainable, livable homes while driving around the country filming their adventures.


A little more about the minimalist solution.

The concept is that not having a lot of space can really make you reconsider whats important and what is not, but thats the fun part about junk removal- Realizing What Is and Is Not Important.

Some benefits of being a minimalist include saving money, being able to travel more, and being environmentally friendly just to name a few. With that said though, the final benefit is…. (drum roll please) You have less space to store less junk! So what do you think? Are you up for the minimalist challenge?